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Eternal came about as a consequence of my love and appreciation of beautiful things - "I don’t love it because I sell it, I sell it because I love it".

I pride myself in sourcing products of quality, with an emphasis on Irish companies, designers and craftspeople. 

The shop and the range of beautiful things we sell have grown organically. Every single item is selected with thought and consideration. Taking into account my customers wants and desires, I picked items from the classical to the contemporary, from the quirky and to the arty. 

I like to think individuality is catered for.

This is very important to me. Every purchase suits a particular individual or a particular need. I fully appreciate every purchase is not just a monetary investment, it is also an emotional investment for which people will be Eternal-ly grateful. 

Eternal is not just a business, it’s a place of happiness and it’s purpose is to bring greater happiness into your lives. 

In our little shop in Elphin I pride myself in spending time carefully selecting gifts, accessories or home wares for each individual offering advice and making recommendations along the way.

I want to bring the same level of care in our online shop. what we show here is only a small selection of what is available. Due to the very nature of what we sell the quantities are very small, sometimes pieces are unique. So if you do not find inspiration from our small online display, use the contact us button to let me know who you are shopping for and what they are like as a person.

I will be your very own Personal Shopper. i'll get back to you with a choice of gifts matching your budget. 

Early in my own journey with Eternal, I met my own Eternal Partner in Colm - so now there are 2 of us here, twice as willing and able  to please you and meet your needs. 

(After all Colm has great taste too, he picked me !!) 




Mary & Colm  💕

Fashion fades, style is ETERNAL 

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