Essential advice for happy gifting.

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Ideas on gifting .

Firstly thee most important thing regarding gifting is NOT the amount of money spent. We all know this within ourselves, the gift we receive knowing  there has been thought and love put into the choosing brings us most joy - so always remember that when choosing you gift.

The second thing to be advised of, is buy FOR the recipient NOT something that you like - yes in cases where the recipient will also like what you like and the gift may be a reflection of you , fire away. 

Gift something the recipient may not buy for THEMSELVES, (we all are good at giving TO others , however we may never spend on ourselves, even though there are things that we would REALLY LIKE, we would feel guilty spending on and buying for ourselves). So let the gift bring a little indulgence to the recipient.

To follow from the point above, should the ‘indulgent’ gift be above your budget (or the giving budget), call in some other people (family/friends)  to join you in the purchase . The moral of the story is ONE beautiful present will be much more appreciated  than many many lower valued pieces that aren’t really wanted.

Be considerate of the recipient's

Tastes, priorities, stage of life & living/family circumstances.

Each of the above are very important in choosing the correct gift.

And Lastly, PLEASE don’t buy a gift begrudgingly or with the attitude of ‘it’ll do’ . 

You can give, after all, a lot of things—your money, your heart, a damn—but you can gift only one thing: an actual gift

These little hints are vital to ensure the recipient is happy NOT sad having opened their gift, and here at Eternal - this our ultimate ambition.

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