Stainless Steel Hip Flask in Black
Eternal Elphin

Stainless Steel Hip Flask in Black

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There isn't a more classic gift for the groom, best man, and groomsmen than an hip flask. Perfect for whiskey drinkers, rum lovers, and brandy sippers the unique 6 ounce flasks can be filled with different liquors to suit different alcohol preferences.

They're perfect for an inexpensive traditional-style flask . If you're looking for a small gift for him that will leave a lasting impression, this  metal hip flask is a trendy gift that your whole bridal party will love.


3 3/4" (L) × 3/4" (W) × 4 1/4" (H)

5cm (L) × 2cm (W) × 10.5cm (H)

Stainless Steel

Holds 6oz (177 ml)