Miniature Gold Bird By Jette Frolich Design
Miniature Gold Bird By Jette Frolich Design
Eternal Elphin

Miniature Gold Bird By Jette Frolich Design

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A beautiful piece of remembrance for your Christmas Tree (or a FOREVER momento)-our loved ones deserve to be remembered by such a thing of beauty and luxury. These miniature pieces are a piece of art.

A charming and very cute bird in gold metal. Hang a multiple of these beautiful little birds from a budding  branch - or on your Christmas tree - adding joy to the ambience of the season.

2,5x6 cm.2-Pack Weight in Grams:27


Jette Frolich is a very special design (Read below about the process and designer).This piece of intricate art is a piece to be coveted- if you love the finer details in life and pieces of fine art Jette Frolich design is for you.

Metal / 8,5x6,5 cm. Pack Weight in Grams:62

All Jette Frölich Design products are developed from scratch. This means that every single element in our product assortment is uniquely shaped in a collaboration between our designer, Jette Frölich and our product developer, me, Johan Frölich. Profoundly inspired by nature, Jette Frölich puts her inspiration, the raw thought, down on paper with a pencil. The images create in her head, and with the images comes her choice of colours. She then chooses the fine pantone paper in the chosen colours and starts to meticulously cut all the parts of the pattern, and builds, almost architectural, layer by layer, the final pattern on each part of the dinner service. Every single part of the dinner service has its own unique design. Once the design is ready, it is digitalized by our graphic designer – conferring through the process with both Jette and Johan Frölich. When all are satisfied, the designs are sent to the porcelain factory. Here, on site, Johan Frölich works closely with the factory’s graphic dpt. to ensure yet again, that the designs are exactly right. Decal material is produced, and ultimately transferred on to each specially designed element of the dinner service by highly skilled professional technicians. As the finishing touch a silver line is applied by hand to the rim of every single product.