Enchante Luxury Swag / Garland (6ft)
Enchante Luxury Swag / Garland (6ft)
Eternal Elphin

Enchante Luxury Swag / Garland (6ft)

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This is an absolutely beautiful piece to adorn your space for Chrsitmas, as the name suggests, this is PURE Luxury.

It is a "substantially" filled piece , which just screams opulence.

This is definitely an Investment piece which WILL be taken out year after year, and will be as good the first day as its last year (providing you store it properly, obviously)

** As these pieces are Handmade and made to order, there may be a lead in time for them, so pre-ordering will be in order,and don't worry, you'll have them for your Christmas Decorating if I don't have them at that particular time.