DogDry Robe Medium
DogDry Robe Medium
DogDry Robe Medium
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DogDry Robe Medium

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DogDry  super-absorbent drying coat and mitt

3 layers of performance fabrics work together to get your wet dog dry

Cotton-rich inner layer wicks away moisture from your dog’s body

Super-absorbent middle layer locks it away

Waterproof outer layer keeps the mess within the DogDry and out of your car and home

Allows your dog to move naturally as she dries

Easy to wash

Easy to dry

And can go in the tumble dryer

Breathable so your dog stays a comfortable temperature whether cold from a wintery splash or warm from a mud-removing bath.

Fits happy wet dogs of all shapes and sizes. Pure breeds, mixed breeds, 3 legs and 4. Long legs, short legs, big heads and small, DogDry doesn’t go over their heads and has generous velcro fastenings around the chest, belly and tail, adjusting to fit your dog’s lovely body.

Use the detachable mitt to dry sensitive paws, tail and ears.

Pop on the DogDry

And it dries the rest



Springer Spaniels, Small Border Collies,

Big Staffies, Bull Terrier