Beach Combing Sterling Silver Earrings  By Banshee Silver
Eternal Elphin

Beach Combing Sterling Silver Earrings By Banshee Silver

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You might find Shells and Starfish as you comb the beaches along the Wild Atlantic in Ireland. These quirky little earrings have a little silver shell and a starfish. The design tells the story of some of the things you might do along the west coast of Ireland. Ireland sits at the edge of Europe with the Wild Atlantic pounding its western shores.  Location and weather have shaped landscape and culture.  Legend has it when Christianity came to Ireland, pagan gods transformed into horses and leapt into the Atlantic at Aill na Searrach - Foal’s leap. Beautiful flowers abound on the west coast and on remote roads you are more likely to see sheep than cars - rush hour in Ireland. You can beach comb for Atlantic treasures of shells and starfish among other things on one of the many secluded beaches.

This product measures 27mm long and 12mm wide.