R & G Fragrances - Candles, Diffusers & Wax Melts

R&G are a high quality luxury brand. Gina is the founder of R&G Essentials. she  started this business wanting to provide people with a luxurious, natural product. A product that's long-lasting aroma would fill homes with joy, love, healing power and relaxation.

Gina's background is in energy healing and holistic care and she has  injected that healing energy into all of her creations.

Her products invite with them the intention to relax, restore and heal. To pause and enjoy some peace and quiet, some time for you. Light a candle and enjoy the soft light and peaceful aroma as you unwind with a book.

Gina spends hours perfecting each of her scents so that they give the best scent throw possible and are long-lasting.

She has also introduced a meditation app onto her products to allow to bring you into that relaxed space.