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Works from Geraldine Beirne Textile Artist & Caroline Martin Art.

Take A walk Through these wonderful Ladies' Art,  

Each Lady Creating Beautiful Examples within their respective Artistic Genre's .

Here at Eternal, my philosophy and wish had always been, to be able to showcase beautiful art. So this aspect of website is to showcase with a facility to buy  ( proceeds going purely the Artist).

The Pieces of work on display here are:

Geraldine Beirne Textile Artist- Geraldine( as her name suggests) is a textile Artist,.as you can see each piece available is an original piece , they are presented in A Boxed Frame.

Caroline Martin Art- Caroline's work available here are prints of her originals, these come in a mount.

Please note all the above artists can be contacted directly about Commissions.

But why not show your support by buying one of their pieces exhibited here.