Julie Clarke Candle Collection

Sustainable Gifts

They are all about sustainability at Julie Clarke Candles. With this mission in mind they have chosen beautiful porcelain vessels for all our products that will last a lifetime. This compliments their vegan registered candles and diffusers

Julie Clarke Candles use 100% pure natural plant based waxes that come from a biodegradable renewable resource.


Because each fragrance contains a unique mix of natural ingredients, Julie Clarke Candles custom blends specific wax formulas designed to complement every candle scent.

After the addition of the fragrance, the wax is hand poured at a temperature of around 45-55°C into pre-warmed containers. When your candle has burned down, our wax cleans out easily with soap and hot water, leaving you with a lovely translucent porcelain lantern to pop a tea light into.


Each of her fragrances has been carefully crafted using a bespoke blend of vegan fragrances and essential oils, providing a unique set of calming aromas for your home. Choose from revitalising citrus, romantic and relaxing florals, sensual woody scents and comforting vanilla. The fragrance is added at a specific wax temperature to avoid burning off the perfume while still allowing the wax to pour smoothly.

The same is true for burning your candle. The candle should be burned for 3-4 hours until there is a full melt pool and then extinguished. The melt pool will still throw out fragrance to the room. Burning for prolonged periods, for example all day, will only result in the unnecessary loss of fragrance top notes.


For your complete peace of mind, each Julie Clarke Candle is made with an unbleached cotton, lead-free wick. Wicks vary in diameter depending on the scent and are carefully cantered into each porcelain vessel. The porcelain vessels are filled to the top with heated wax. Before the wax has completely cooled, the wicks are straightened by hand one by one. The wicks are then trimmed to a length of 4 millimetres and the candles get one last inspection.

All her candles and diffusers are contained in beautiful ceramic vessels.  The vessels can be reused after the life of the candle and diffuser.  A luxurious gift box completes the gift.