Green Friday Artist Showcase

Green Friday Ireland is a movement to highlight the value of Small Business in Local Communities. We are encouraging businesses to focus on how they offer value, experience and human connection for to their customers and asking customers to think more consciously about businesses within the community and how we can support them.

Traditionally Black Friday is a global day of mass consumerism with large multinationals benefiting the most. We are asking people to rethink their behaviour's and invest in their local communities and pave the way toward a smart, sustainable and successful domestic economy.

People know how much small indigenous business means to the country, not only to our economy and our employment , but also to our culture. People believe in supporting and uplifting each other and their communities. With a strong sense of community and togetherness we can overcome whatever challenges lie ahead.

And with all that in mind, I am showing SUPPORT to 2 local Artists Nickie Harrington Art and Geraldine Beirne Textile Artist.

Their works are now on display on the website with ACCESS to buy, and for you to give them your support too.

Nickie Harrington's Art Prints are being OFFICIALLY Launched as of TODAY GREEN FRIDAY 27th November 2020. A Truly Wonderful Day.