Summer Bloom - Geraldine Beirne Textile Artist
Summer Bloom - Geraldine Beirne Textile Artist
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Summer Bloom - Geraldine Beirne Textile Artist

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Summer Bloom    60 x 51cm   Wet felted wool with contemporary embroidery  €325

The workmanship and the colour palette used creating this piece makes it a very special Statement piece to add to add to any Space, and a consequence of it's size it certainly does not need any other piece in a room to bring style or colour.

It just 'Whispers' Statement (in contradiction to being loud, it's beauty is in it's gentleness.)

Geraldine Beirne is A Graduate Textile Artist, specialising in Felting while using comtemporary embroidery to create these beautiful pieces of Wall Art.

Her pieces have been inspired by the  nature surrounding her in her immediate environs, to emotional memories  , with each inspiration satisfying their representations so so beautifully.

Without any hesitation, I will say Photographs DO NOT FULLY represent how wonderfully beautiful each piece is.