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Nickie Harrington Art
Nickie Harrington Art
Nickie Harrington Art
Nickie Harrington Art
Nickie Harrington Art
Nickie Harrington Art
Eternal Elphin

Nickie Harrington Art

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Nickie Harrington is a Self Taught Artist in a genre of Art , which requires amazing artistic ability, eye for design and dedication to perfection. Her Art, are pieces of rarity which i can confidently say are pieces of Artistic Genius ( She'll kill me for saying this, BUT IT'S TRUE!!!)

Each of Nickie's pieces are available to view below in Limited Edition Prints (1/30) in prints 16" x 13" Mounted and Signed.

Imperfectly Perfect.... Everything in life can look perfect at a first glance, but it's only when you look closely, you can see the dimples and imperfections of life....

A vibrantly colourful piece of artwork, painted in a 3D geomentric style, that visually changes from different view points.

The whole picture is rough in texture, but this is only really seen in certain lightings and from different angles

The original of this piece Is painted using Acrylic Paint  on Gesso Primed  Canvas (40" X 30").

The Limited Edition Print From Nickie Harrington Art will come mounted and signed by Nickie 16" X 13".

This Piece is amazing visually, depending on the hanging of these prints , e.g. if it is put up side down the box fits into the shelf- try it and see what I mean!!!!.

Forever Entwined- Ode to the Sisters.

This piece has been created using iridescent bronze, gold and copper , each colour is connected throughout the painting. The more you look at this painting, the more depth you'll see in it.

Nickie is using her signature geometric art style on this piece.

Painted with acrylic paint on a gesso primed canvas.

This piece really does show "Entwining" to it's fullest in a physical way, and is very symbolic of how we are all "Entwined" regardless of race, colour or creed, and how we all need each other for support and our existence.


My Swirling Mind- this piece Nickie explains is a depiction of her own mind, and what  a wonderful colourful free flowing mind it is.

She says it depicts a busy mind ,or one which finds it difficult to focus on one thing at a time.

It is a free flowing piece of Art work painted in acrylic on a gesso primed canvas.

How beautiful will this piece look in any space, it'll certainly bring colour and light and freedom - just like Nickie Herself.

Rainbow Cubes.. is painted in 3D geometrical style, the cubes are roughly textured on a flat background. Because of the vibrant use of colour and the contrast of the black background the cubes appear to jump off the canvas. From different viewpoints this painting visually changes.

This is a mesmerizing piece of Art, and there are different "sights" on every different viewing, I viewed this piece yesterday evening, when I was under a lot of pressure and ALL I SAW was ... a ' ray of light in a confined box',(See attached photo) and it immediately uplifted my mind. Everyone needs a piece like this, to uplift their spirits, in moments of questioning. 

Reaching for the light ..was painted during the first Lockdown, it was a dark time for a lot of people, this painting symbolises us emerging from the dark heavy clouds, into the light and 'better times' .

It has been painted in a Free Flowing method with acrylic paint on a gesso primed canvas.

There really is a sense of emergence and beauty oozing from this panting.

Shining Star is a 3D Geometrical Painting, the geometrical star is painted in very vibrant colours and really stands out against the gold hexagon background, the very detailed star appears to pop out of the canvas, and visually changes when viewing from different angles, the prussian blue blue border frames the painting perfectly and is a lovely contrast with the gold.

This painting is painted with acrylic paint on a gesso primed canvas.