Multi Gem Large Charm Bracelet (Sphere) - Luna Maille
Multi Gem Large Charm Bracelet (Sphere) - Luna Maille
Eternal Elphin

Multi Gem Large Charm Bracelet (Sphere) - Luna Maille

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This Statement Piece form Luna Maille Handcrafted in Ireland jewellery will not only add style to the wearer , it will ALSO bring many BENEFITS too. 

See all the Stone and Gem benefits.

White Jade- Wisdom, Practicality, Tranquility,

Moonstone- Love, Hope, New Beginnings.

Pearl - Integrity, Concentration, Focus.

Agate -Love, Abundance & Wealth

Chalcedony - hardiness, Emotional Balance, Vitality.

Kyanite - Visualisation, Loyalty , Honesty Serenity

 Turquoise- Purification, serenity, Protection, Wisdom.

 Amazonite - Honour, Self Love & Communication.

Herkimer Diamond - purity, harmony, Love , abundance, Prosperity.

Tiger Eye- Protection, Clear thinking Personal Empowerment , Integrity.

Ladradorite - Strengthens will, Stimulates imagination, calming.

Opal - Creativity, Originality.

Quartz - Harmony , Energy, Healing.

Apatite- Intellect, focus, Learning, Acceptance,, Communication, Intellectual Pursuits.

Iolite - Power, Inner strength, Leasdership, Self Confidence.

Hematite - Focus , Concentration, Will Power, Reliability Courage, Confidence , Optimism, Trusr, Balance, Stability, Protection.

Sandstone- Vitality, Drive Ambition.

Lapis Lazuli - Inner Truth, Love Purification, Intuition, self Confidence , frienship, 

Sodalite - Logic, Intelligience, Emotional balance, intuitition, Clarity, truth, Perception.





Acquamarine - Meditation, Serneity & Peace.

Kyanite - Visualisation, Loyalty , Honesty Serenity.

Chalceldony - Hardiness, Emotional Balance & Vitality.