A Good Catch - Caroline Martin Artist
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A Good Catch - Caroline Martin Artist

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A Good Catch: Limited Edition Print (1/15) 40 cm * 40cm

My inspiration for this painting is from my time in France, while swimming in The Mediterranean Sea, noticing all the wonderful different species and colours of fish . 

And then while walking through the Markets, again highlighting all the fish for sale, the wide array of colours, shapes and sizes.

'Prise du jour'

About The artist:     (In her own words, epitomising humility!!) 

I am predominantly self taught, 

Having worked in graphics and in art studios and with ceramics and textiles. I have exhibited in many spaces in Ireland i.e. the Boyle arts festivalSligo arts, Westport arts, Galway & Kilkenny. 

My occupation is a holistic therapist and teacher. Merging my healing work and art comes very natural, as they both enhance each other. My artwork represents colour studies the emotional and spiritual states we all encounter day to day. I love people and nature and colour and this arrives into my canvases. Art is a very personal experience and should always bring pleasure.